Not sure whether summer or fall is the best time to book photos in Calgary? I'll help you decide! I've made a list of the pros & cons for each season from a photographer's (and mamas) point of view with ideas on what to wear & who each season is best for.

And if words don't mean anything, my summer and fall photos will speak for themselves. You'll know immediately upon looking whether summer or fall is the best time to book photos in Calgary.

Why summer is the best time to book photos in Calgary

  • Beautiful warm weather
  • Lots of lush greenery & flowers
  • Gorgeous golden hour light 
  • Not quite as busy as fall for photographers, so more availability when booking
Couples lifestyle photography: Beautiful golden hour summer photos in Calgary Alberta at Nose Hill Park

What to wear for Summer photos in Calgary

Booking summer photos in Calgary means the women & girls get to wear cute, flowy summer dresses and the men & boys can happily wear shorts & tees. Colour choice can be soft & subtle for a more romantic, relaxed vibe or you can choose bright, cheerful pops of colour like yellow, lilac, pink, and blue to create a more upbeat, fun vibe. Florals are popular in summer as well. If this sounds like you're vibe, summer may be your best bet!

Stuck on what to wear? Head to this post for ideas!

Beautiful summer lifestyle family photos with river valley views in Calgary Alberta.

Who are Summer photos best for

Booking photos in Calgary during summer? Make sure you are a summer lover in every way! Summer photo sessions in Calgary are perfect for lovers of all things summer. These sessions are dreamy, romantic, and FUN as there is magical golden light, beautiful greenery and flora, and warm weather to enjoy. If you're booking family photos in summer in Calgary, it's best with slightly older kids who don't have strict bedtimes though, as golden hour is a little late around 8pm-9:30pm. I highly recommend booking photos in Calgary during summer if you're interested in a couples/engagement session or maternity because like I said, summer photos are SO dreamy!

Cons of booking summer photos in Calgary

If the best time to book photos in Calgary for you is summer, be prepared for seasonal "annoyances." This could include:

  • dreaded mosquitoes,
  • extreme heat, and
  • unfortunately smoke and haze from BC forest fires occasionally rolls in (especially later in the summer).

The other downside of booking photos in summer in Calgary is that the magical golden hour light all photographers love to shoot in is much later in the day, approximately anywhere from 8:00pm-9:30pm, which is usually too late for young kids and babies with early bedtimes. Though there are tricks to get past these downsides, they must be mentioned.

Summer Family Photos at Carburn Park in Calgary by Love & Sunshine Photography
Daddy daughter moment during family photos at Nose Hill Park in summer.

Why Fall is the best time to book photos in Calgary

Beautiful fall family photography: Mother son in neutrals at golden hour in Fish Creek Park, Calgary Alberta.

Who are Fall Photos best for

Fall photos in Calgary are best for those who love autumn, families with kids of any age & any bedtime, cozy maternity sessions and you guessed it, couples! In other words, fall is for anyone and everyone. Its moderate temperatures, soft golden light and beautiful colours make fantastic photos no matter which chapter you are in your life.

Fall photos in Calgary Alberta: Beautiful couples lifestyle photo session at golden hour in Fish Creek Park.

What to Wear for Fall Photos in Calgary

Fall is such a fun time for fashion and styling! I suggest chunky knits, layers & boots. Deep jewel tones like forest green, burgundy, navy, rust and brown are perfect colour choices for your fall photo session in Calgary. They complement the beautiful, changing leaves of the season.

Sound like your style? Fall might be the one! Check this post for some fall style inspiration & tips.

Cons of booking Fall Photos in Calgary

If you want to book photos in Calgary during the fall season, here's some of the downsides.

  • You must be prepared to book well in advance or risk missing an opportunity to work with your favourite photographer. Because of its beauty and ease, fall is the busiest time of year to book photos in Calgary. Add to that, fall is also a very short season (just 6-8 weeks if we're lucky!), which makes it MUCH harder to book with your favourite photographer.
  • Weather is temperamental. In Calgary, we just never know for sure when the snow will hit, the leaves change colour or even when the leaves will fall. You have to be willing to roll with the punches.
  • Fall is a busy season for EVERYONE. If you've got littles, they just started back at school, you're on a more regular schedule at work after summer. Things are a little crazy, so again you must plan ahead!

My best advice: Most photographers, myself included, have email insider lists, so get on them ASAP to get first dibs on fall sessions!

Fall family photos in Fish Creek Park, Calgary Alberta by Love & Sunshine Photography

If words don't mean anything, take a look at these beautiful summer and fall sessions to help you decide...

Summer Photos in Calgary

Beautiful lifestyle family photography: Summer family photos in Fish Creek Park, Calgary Alberta.
Beautiful authentic summer family photos during golden hour at Fish Creek Park in Calgary Alberta.
Lifestyle Photography: Beautiful summer maternity photos at Prince's Island Park in Calgary Alberta.
Lifestyle photography: Casual summer engagement photos during golden hour at Nose Hill Park in Calgary.

Fall Photos in Calgary

Beautiful backlit portrait during fall family photos at golden hour in Fish Creek Park, Calgary Alberta.
Beautiful fall lifestyle family photos at golden hour in Fish Creek Park, Calgary Alberta.
Beautiful fall family photos in September at Fish Creek Park in Calgary during golden hour.
Beautiful fall family photos at Fish Creek Park in Calgary Alberta by lifestyle photographer Love & Sunshine Photography

Which images were your favourite? When do you think is the best time to book photos in Calgary?

Summer lovers? Make sure to book with me ASAP as I've only got limited space available. If you're a fall lover, get on my email list ASAP to get first dibs on session dates.

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