I know how hard Family session styling can be when you're planning professional photos. You're not alone if what to wear is a big stressor for you. in fact, it's one of the most common questions I get asked as a lifestyle photographer here in Calgary...WHAT DO I WEAR for photos?

I'm here to help! If you're in need of some Spring & Summer style inspiration for family photos coming up, check out my looks below to help get you started. You'll also find a few tips at the end of this post!

outdoor family photos: Spring & summer Style inspiration

Mood board for Spring 2022 Photos by Love & Sunshine Photography

Warm neutrals are perfect for outdoor Family photo sessions

Who doesn't love neutrals? They are timeless, go well in literally every location, and are easy to put together, especially for family photos. I mean, you and your loved ones probably have a ton of these in your closet already! Just make sure to mix textures and fabrics to create visual interest and...voila! Family photo ready! BONUS: Warm neutrals look great as prints displayed on your walls and go with any decor, any time of year.

Romantic & earthy mood board & style inspiration for photos Spring 2022 by Love & Sunshine Photography

Romantic & earthy colours make for dreamY spring & summer photos

Soft, subdued pinks and greens are beautiful colours for outdoor family photos in SPRING & SUMMER!! And did you know? They are complementary colours. This means they draw attention, yet are pleasing to the eye, which is exactly what you want for your family photos. You can pair them with black for a bit of an edge too. Hint: These colours are very easy to find in stores right now!

Nature-inspired blues and greens mood board for photos in Spring 2022 by Love & Sunshine Photography

Nature-inspired blues & greens work well for spring & summer family photos

These colours are just so relaxed and peaceful, and complement pretty much any location for outdoor spring & summer family photos. Mix in some small pattern for more visual interest. Go light or dark for denim. Go casual with jeans or dress it up with a maxi skirt or dress. So many possibilities!

Pastel mood board for Spring photos 2022 by Love & Sunshine Photography

subdued Pastels are a colourful option for spring & summer family photos

This family session style board is for those who love colour. It's not for everyone, but it's definitely fun! I say...why NOT try using the Pantone colour of the year--LILAC? Purple goes beautifully with the complementary colour of yellow, which could be pastel or more of a mustard-yellow depending on your taste. Mix these two with denim and you've got fun spring & summer family photos.

top tips for what to wear for spring & summer Family photos

  • Dress the hardest first! (Ladies, that's usually you!)
  • Wear what you feel comfortable and confident in
  • Coordinate, but don't match
  • Consider location and vibe
  • Incorporate pattern, texture, layer & movement
  • Ask your photographer for help

Where to shoP for family photos

H&M, Zara, Banana Republic, Gap & Gap Kids, Carters, Old Navy & second-hand stores are my favourite go-to stores when styling family photo sessions! If you want to wear a dress for your summer family photos, my favourite shops include Baltic Born, Lulus & Shein.

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