Should I or Shouldn't I?! Professional photos can be an investment...and a commitment. If you're on the fence about getting professional photos done with your family & loved ones, here's 25 reasons why you should go for it.

Reasons to get photos done: Winter engagement photos in Kananaskis mountains by Calgary lifestyle photographer .
  • You haven't gotten any "good" photos in awhile.
  • You don't have ANY "good" photos with your loved ones. (ie. mom with kiddos, just you & your partner)
  • You are about to hit a big milestone or recently did. For example, pregnancy, new baby, baby turns one, engagement, anniversary, etc.
  • You're constantly saying, "They're growing up SO fast!" about your littles.
  • You're always behind the camera.
Reason to get photos done: Your kids are growing up! Motherhood photos with teens with a casual studio vibe.
  • You just got your hair done.
  • You finally fit into your size (x) jeans again!
  • You haven't lost the weight you wanted to and know you're gorgeous regardless.
  • You're feeling cute lately.
  • You bought a cute outfit and have nowhere special to wear it.
Reason to get photos done: Beautiful summer family photos with little in Fish Creek Park Calgary Alberta.
  • The weather is nice.
  • You feel like celebrating where you are in your life.
  • You just moved and want to decorate your new place with photos.
  • You got a new puppy & they deserve to be in the good photos too!
  • Your last photo session was a bust.
Beautiful fall family photos during golden hour at Glenmore Reservoir in Calgary Alberta.
  • Your last photo session was a blast.
  • You saw your friend's recent photos and want some of your own.
  • You like displaying photos of you & your loved ones but don't have any up on the walls.
  • You are nostalgic and love looking back at photos.
  • You've always wanted a coffee table book with you & your loved ones in it.
Welcome baby girl: Beautiful, moody in-home lifestyle newborn photos in Calgary Alberta by Love & Sunshine Photography
  • The grandparents/parents are asking for some "nice" photos of you & your loved ones to display.
  • You've NEVER gotten professional photos.
  • Your photos all look the same-want to try a new vibe/location.
  • You want to document this part of your story, so future generations can enjoy.
  • You have no reason, except that you want to.

Can you think of any other reasons to get professional photos of you & your loved ones taken?

Sometimes you have a million reasons, sometimes you don't need one. Just get the photos done because trust me, one day that's all you'll have.

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