You will never have this day with your children again.
Tomorrow they will be a
little bit bigger than they are today.
This day is a gift.
Breathe and notice.

-Jen Hatmaker

Mamas, be honest. Are you ever in the photos? Do you have more than just cell-phone selfies of you and your children? If the answer is no, you need these. Not just for yourself, but so your children can have them many years from now.

That way you can all see the impact of your love and connection, and how special your relationships and bonds are. Not to mention, motherhood is HARD. So to have these moments of shared joy, love and connection to look back at on those hard days....well, that's a gift in itself.

What do lifestyle family sessions look like?

Lifestyle family sessions are all about connecting with your family. I'll guide you with prompts and capture you as you play, explore, laugh, cuddle & just "be" with your loved ones. Most typically family sessions are done outdoors (evenings recommended for that soft, beautiful light), but you also have the option to choose an in-home session (great in the winter!) or a rented studio space. Whatever you're dreaming up, let's make it happen!

Some options on where to capture your family include:

  • Indoors at home or in a studio
  • Outdoors in a field or park (for instance, Fish Creek Park or Nose Hill Park)
  • An urban setting like downtown Calgary
  • Mountain or desert landscape (including Kananaskis & Drumheller)

All lifestyle family sessions include:

  • Wardrobe coordination
  • Welcome guide to help you prepare
  • An online gallery you can share with family & friends