What to wear for fall family photos can be a daunting decision for anyone. And, let’s be honest, knowing what NOT to wear for photos is just as important as knowing what works. As a photographer, I want to help my clients show up happy, confident and looking their best for photos so I can focus on capturing memories.

Below are my best tips & inspiration for what to wear for fall photos (and what not to wear).

What to wear for Fall family photos

  • Jewel tones like burgundy, emerald/forest greens, navy, burnt orange, mustard, muted reds or pinks.
  • Neutrals like cream, white, brown, tan, black and grey.
  • A good mix of colours and neutrals together (approximately 2-3 colours that work well with each other & with location choice)
  • Subtle, small patterns on 1-2 people depending on size of group.
  • Texture: Chunky knits, wool, fleece, denim.
  • Layers: Cardigans with dresses, boots with jeans, puffy vests over sweaters.
  • Something you feel beautiful and comfortable in!

Style inspiration for Fall family photos

What to wear for fall family photos: burnt orange, browns & creams

Burnt orange with neutrals

This is a popular, fun mood board for what to wear for fall photos. The pops of colour coordinate nicely with a typical fall scene of yellow, oranges & reds in all the leaves. Mix with neutrals of browns & creams to soften the look.

What to Wear for Fall Family Photos: Greens & Blues

Greens & Blues

Greens & blues are great colours to wear no matter the season, but especially in fall. On the colour wheel, these colours land beside yellow (a prominent colour in fall leaves), making them the perfect choice for what to wear for fall photos. You could use a muted olive green as seen above, or a rich jewel-toned green as well. Mix light and dark denim, as well as textures for more interest.

What to Wear for Fall Family Photos: Navy & brown colour story

In the navy

Navy is such a beautiful colour and next to the yellows & browns that take shape during fall, navy is the perfect pop of colour without looking "colourful." Cream softens the look. Use different layering and small pops of pattern if you'd like.

What to Wear for Fall Family Photos: Neutrals

Natural & neutral

Neutrals are popular any season and for good reason. They just look good no matter what. If you're putting photos up no the wall and want them to work with your decor, neutrals are a great idea too! Make sure to mix & match whites, creams, tans & blacks between everyone, so you don't get one big blob. Textures and small patterns make this combo interesting as well.

What not to wear for Fall family photos

  • Neons or super vibrant colours (too vibrant can create colour casts on skin tones that are hard to get out)
  • Pastels (usually best in the spring/summer)
  • Everyone in one colour or pattern
  • Matching outfits - save that for Christmas pajamas!
  • Summer sandals or cami tops - Wrong season!
  • Trends that don't work on you
  • Clothes that make you feel self-conscious or that you tug at constantly

Do you get stressed when picking what to wear for fall family photos? Did you find this helpful?

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