“I need to lose weight before I get photos…I don't like the way I look right now. I’ll schedule…maybe next year, or as soon as I lose these 20 pounds.” If I had a dollar for every time I've heard this, I'd be on vacation in the Maldives right now, and for the better part of the year! I'm here to tell you, mamas especially, you don't need to lose weight for family photos! Or any photos for that matter.

You think you need to lose weight for photos? I'VE GOT QUESTIONS...

Why are you waiting? What if you don’t lose weight or what if you gain more weight? I know… that’s negative thinking, but hey, life happens! Cough, cough 2020. 

I want you to love the body you are in right now. The YOU you are right now. Because the truth is, while family photos are for you, they're also for your children. When they look back, they want to know mama was there. And honest to god, they don't see your newest wrinkle, the "double chin" you think you have, the "last 10 pounds" you "need" to lose.

They see MOM. Their constant. Their whole entire world.

"You are your children's constant.

You are unconditional love.

You are showing up.

You are not giving up.

You are encouragement.

You are boundaries.

You are courage.

You are their mom.

They don't need perfection.

They just need you.

Their constant."

*words by Rachel Marie Martin, findingjoy.net

Beautiful motherhood session at Studio Boheme in Calgary AB with Love & Sunshine Photography.

And trust me when I say in twenty years, you'll be thankful you were in the photos with them. Loving on them, laughing with them, holding them tight. And I promise if you trust me just a bit, you will leave a session with me feeling like the most beautiful woman in the world with so much love to give. Because THAT is what's most beautiful - YOUR LOVE!

Beautiful motherhood session at Studio Boheme in Calgary by Love & Sunshine Photography

You can be confident in me

If you feel like you have to lose weight/get botox/etc, it's probably just a confidence thing. Even if you're struggling with confidence, you can have confidence in me. Not only do I help with styling so you look and feel your best, I use flattering light and positioning to make every woman feel beautiful in their photos.

And truth be told, every body is beautiful! If you don't believe me, let me show you! Go ahead and schedule your family session today.

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