Looking for a unique & trendy spot for photos in Calgary? Inglewood's edgy streets and shops are the perfect backdrop for your next session and here's why.

Urban, casual couples session in trendy Inglewood community of Calgary by Love & Sunshine Photography.
Black & white fun, casual couples photos at golden hour in Inglewood Calgary.
Casual jeans & tee couples photo session in Inglewood Calgary gives urban vibe.

You'll get an urban vibe for your photos that you can't find anywhere else in Calgary

There are so many cool, unique pubs, restaurants & shops in Inglewood, Calgary that you are destined to have the most unique photos as a result of shooting there. If uniqueness is your jam, or you're just tired of the same old "photos in the field" vibe, definitely head to Inglewood for a fun urban feel.

Golden hour couples photo session in trendy Inglewood Calgary streets.
Urban couples photo in Inglewood parking lot with Calgary's downtown cityscape in the background.

You can make it a night and stop by a trendy pub or restaurant before or after your photos

Imagine having a drink & a laugh with your favourite people before heading out to get photos taken? You will be relaxed & happy & ready for an experience! This sets the stage for beautiful, authentic photos that you will cherish forever rather than a posed, awkward photo experience you'd rather forget. Similarly, imagine having photos done then letting off some steam afterwards with a drink at one of Inglewood's trendy patios under the stars. It's a night to remember for sure!

Black & white urban couples photos in streets of Inglewood Calgary by Love & Sunshine Photography.

Within Inglewood, there are so many spots of varying light to create magical photos

Light in photography, simply put, makes magic. It helps create contrast, tone, mood, and atmosphere, so it's important to consider lighting when choosing a location. Because of Inglewood's various streets, alleyways, shops & building heights, there are so many different opportunities for lighting to make your photos more interesting. You will find spots for natural light, soft light, backlight, flat light and more. You really can't go wrong with that kind of opportunity.

Casual, fun golden hour couples photo session in trendy Inglewood Calgary Alberta.
Fun, flirty, casual couples photo session in Inglewood Calgary by Love & Sunshine Photography.
Black & white casual urban couples photo session in Inglewood Calgary by Love & Sunshine Photography.

Inglewood's casual vibe is perfect for jeans & tee lovers

I don't know about you, but I most feel like myself in my favourite pair of jeans, a simple t-shirt and my leather jacket. When you're relaxed, it's that much easier to get comfortable in front of the lens and create beautiful, authentic memories. So if you're a jeans & tee kind of girl, Inglewood is a great place to capture those kind of memories. Also, putting together casual outfits for you and your loved one(s) is really easy; who doesn't want that when getting photos done?

Fun, casual urban couples photo session in Inglewood, Calgary back alley with graffiti.
Casual jeans & t-shirt couples photo session in trendy, urban Calgary neighbourhood of Inglewood.

The variety of backdrops in Inglewood makes for great storytelling

Within the neighbourhood of Inglewood, you'll find alleys, store fronts, graffiti, cityscapes, you name it. There is so much variety for great storytelling and beautiful imagery. Imagine framing a number of photos from your session in Inglewood to make a captivating gallery wall on your staircase. Or creating a coffee table album to showcase all of your memories. You will have so many different images to choose from after shooting in Inglewood. If photography is art to you than Inglewood in Calgary is a perfect place to get photos taken.

Flirty, fun & casual urban couples photo session in Inglewood, Calgary Alberta.
Black & white detail of engagement ring during couples session in Inglewood Calgary.
Beautiful golden hour couples photography: casual, urban session in Inglewood Calgary.
Flirty, fun & casual couples photo session in trendy Inglewood of Calgary Alberta.

What do you think...Would do love to have your next photo session in the trendy streets of Inglewood in Calgary?

Black & white casual & trendy couples photo session in cool streets of Inglewood in Calgary Alberta.

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