Want to know the biggest mistake clients make when getting photos done?

They make time for a photo session. They plan out the perfect outfits and get their hair done. They show up, present and ready for the camera. They hug and kiss and love on those dearest to them while their photographer captures their beautiful story and their unbreakable connections. 

Their gallery of photos arrive in their inbox a couple of weeks later. They browse through them. Maybe feel some feels. They might post a few of them on social media. And then, that’s it. They sit on a computer hard drive until the end of time. Those beautiful memories gone. It was nothing but a fleeting moment. And that's exactly what photos are trying NOT to do.

Love & Sunshine Photography: A mama embraces her newborn and young daughter during a newborn session in Calgary AB.
Love & Sunshine Photography: Beautiful in-home lifestyle photo session to welcome new baby to family in Calgary AB.
Love & Sunshine Photography: Beautiful in-home lifestyle photo session to welcome new baby to family in Calgary AB.

so I beg of you...

Print your photos. Frame your favourites on the wall. Make photo albums for your coffee tables. Put some on the fridge. Tuck them away in pretty boxes. Mail them to loved ones. Don’t let them die on a hard drive. 

Your memories deserve to be held. To be looked at. To be passed down. To be cherished. 

I'll say it one more time, PleasE print your photos.

I mean, just look at these beautiful images from my latest in-home newborn session. Imagine if they just sat on a hard drive somewhere. such a waste, right? Now, imagine if they were made into an album, placed on the coffee table for all to enjoy. Magical! And when this sweet little babe grows up, these are photos that she'll want to see and that mama is going to want to cherish, no doubt.

Having photos of your loved ones around the house is actually shown to build confidence. Children especially feel loved, but also part of something bigger when they see themselves up on the walls. In my experience, all of my nieces, no matter their age, and now even my 19 month old son, have enjoyed looking at pictures of themselves around the house. They ask questions about what they were like as babies. Their eyes twinkle. It's sweet really. And with my son growing up during the pandemic, photos of family and relatives are all he has some days.

Personally, I loved going through albums when I was growing up. Even better was having my Dad set up the projector and we'd go through all of our photos as a family, laughing, telling stories, and sharing such wonderful memories.

This is why I believe the biggest mistake you can make is not printing your photos. They are meant to be enjoyed and shown off.

Don't know where to start when it comes to printing?

Did you know I am a full service photographer who not only captures beautiful, authentic moments of you and your loved ones, but who makes sure you walk away with prints in your hands? 

After a photo session with me, we sit down together and plan out exactly how to display your photos in your home. Whether it’s a few framed portraits, a whole gallery wall, a keepsake album or prints you want to mail to relatives, I will be there to help you with the decisions to get it done. To ensure those memories are up on the walls, in your hands, to touch, see, and cherish forever.

Do you print your photos? Why or why not?

I'd love to hear from you!

Email me at info@loveandsunshinephotography.ca

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