You're welcoming a sweet little bundle of joy and have just booked lifestyle newborn photos to capture this beautiful time. You're excited to meet baby, no doubt, but terrified of how the session will go because, well, it's a baby. Here's 5 things you need to know before your lifestyle newborn photo session to ensure you get the most beautiful images.

Beautiful black & white portrait during in-home lifestyle newborn photo session in Calgary Alberta.

Your baby might cry, and that's okay

Babies cry. That's real life. So if baby has given you a run for your money with tears already, just know that it's okay if that happens during the session. It's nothing your photographer hasn't seen before. Lifestyle photos capture the moment you are in right now, unposed, so if you need to walk around, sway, swaddle or use a pacifier to soothe, please do! The most natural moments are the best ones - and photos of all those things will bring you right back to that moment in time - exactly what photos are intended to do.

Beautiful black and white portrait: In-home lifestyle newborn photos, Calgary AB by Love & Sunshine Photography

You'll still look beautiful, even if you're operating on no sleep

The newborn stage & sleepless nights pretty much go hand in hand, so if you're worried that you or your partner or baby haven't slept yet and what are you going to look like, just know this: No matter how tired you may feel, images of you cuddling your new baby and adoring all their sweet little features will hide the fact that you haven't slept in 10 days.

And once again, it's real life. Everyone is tired after welcoming a new baby. Years from now you might look back and say, "man, we looked tired!" and you know what, that's okay! Because you were tired. Exhausted. But you were also completely in love & had this sweet little baby wrapped around your finger. And now you'll have images to remember that fleeting (albeit tired) time in your life.

Beautiful detailed image during in-home lifestyle newborn photos in Calgary AB by Love & Sunshine Photography
Beautiful black & white lifestyle newborn photos at home in Calgary Alberta
Beautiful, authentic moment during in-home lifestyle newborn photos in Calgary AB by Love & Sunshine Photography.

It's okay to take breaks

If you're wondering how you're going to go one hour straight without feedings or blowouts or disruptions, stop it. You aren't going to go one hour straight. Most photographers plan for breaks during newborn lifestyle photos because babies or moms or dads need the extra time for all those things and that's okay. It's not a race. It's memories being made, so take your time and go with the flow.

Beautiful hand holding image during in-home lifestyle newborn photos in Calgary Alberta.

Your house doesn't have to look perfect

I'm serious. Put the vacuum away. All you need is a couple of rooms that are tidy. Meaning you can literally through unwanted messes into another room or shove in a closet to deal with later. The point of lifestyle newborn photos is realness, not perfection.

Beautiful green baby girl nursery: Lifestyle newborn photos in Calgary AB by Love & Sunshine Photography
Beautiful authentic moment: Lifestyle newborn photos at home in Calgary AB by Love & Sunshine Photography

Blowouts & spit-ups are a thing

If baby needs to poop or happens to spit-up during your lifestyle newborn photo session, that's okay. That's real life, especially with a newborn. I always recommend putting aside a spare outfit for these reasons. And that's also why newborn sessions are a little longer - to allow time for these kinds of things to happen, so you don't have to feel rushed. Believe me when I say most photographers have seen it all. And as a mama myself, I've been there, done that!

Beautiful breastfeeding moment during lifestyle newborn photos in Calgary AB
Beautiful intimate lifestyle newborn photography in black & white: Calgary Alberta
Relaxed, intimate & natural lifestyle newborn photos in Calgary AB by Love & Sunshine Photography

That's what I believe is important to know before your newborn lifestyle photos - what do you think, did I miss anything?

The truth is, lifestyle photos are REAL LIFE. Baby is going to cry & might not sleep & may even spit up on your outfit. That's okay mama. Get the photos taken anyways because in a few short weeks your tiny little babe will have grown & changed so much already and you're going to want to remember this beautiful, fleeting time for exactly what it was.

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